The Gods Have Chosen You

Olympus Farms is a game where you must strategically manage your resources to survive ten years on your farm. At the end of every year, the Gods ask for a sacrifice of livestock. Disobey them and be ready to face the consequences. Do what they say and be waiting for your heavenly reward. Only after ten years can you leave the farm and be free of the wrath of the Gods.

Manage For Crops and Livestock

Your Farm consists of three crops and three types of livestock. The Gods may ask for any amount of either livestock so you must have an ample amount of all of them. Each animal needs a different crop, so saving enough money to plant each one is crucial.

Keep The Farm Afloat

Sell animals to gain more money and spend that money to buy more crops. Success will rely on you keeping all factors balanced such that the farm doesn't collapse and you face the wrath of the Gods. Good luck farmer.

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Developed by Square Lion

Music and Art by Grand Violet