A Lime Crime

Investi-grape puts you in the shoes of the best detective alive, Gumshoe Grape. The game is under development and will be a mystery game where anyone could be guilty. You will have to use your masterful detective skills to look at the evidence and find out who did it.

List To The Soundtrack!

Grand Violet has publish the Investi-grape OST on all platforms and on their YouTube channel. Go listen to it wherever you get your music!

A Scene With Many Secrets

Lieutenant Lime has been pushed off the counter by one of the guests at his party. Everyone has a reason they could have done it and no one can be written off. Collect the alibis of the partygoers and cross-examine them to make sure that everything lines up. One more thing will help you solve the case. During the party, Photographer Fig was walking around taking pictures of the guests. Use these pictures to decide who was with whom at what time and whether that matches their alibi. Find out who has been lying, and arrest them.

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Developed by Square Lion

Music and Art by Grand Violet