Combo Time!

Fish Fists puts you in control of Jerry, a fish with one human arm. Jerry finally decided to do something about the bullying he receives because of his human arm and goes on a punching spree. He travels deeper and deeper into the ocean, hoping to find someone who understands him. Can you help?

Tons Of Fish

As you travel deeper into the ocean, different colorful fish will appear. The light from the surface begins to fade as larger fish appear, but they are no match for you.

Get The Highest Score You Can

Hit multiple fish in a row without missing to create a combo. Fish farther down will give you more points as well. Put all of that together and try to get the highest score you can. Join the online leaderboard and compare your score with people from all around the world!

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Developed by Square Lion

Music and Art by Grand Violet

Directed by Brianne Wilbert